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Tip Of The Day: Don't Let This Car Rental Scam Ruin Your Gran Canaria Holiday

Happy car rental in Gran Canaria is easy Happy car rental in Gran Canaria is easy www.photosgrancanaria.com

With Gran Canaria car rental you get what you pay for and if you pay the absolute minimum, what you get is a headache and a ruined holiday.

Our advice, after hearing the same story over and over and reading TripAdvisor threads like this one, is to avoid cheap car rental websites and especially the cheapest deal on offer. 

The low prices these websites quote are not enough to cover the cost of renting the car so the companies have to gouge their customers for extras. Scams include overcharging for fuel, charging to remove 'excess fuel', claims for imaginary damage, credit card charges or fines that don't exist, etc. 

Gran Canaria's shady car hire operators are clever people; They have an office at the airport and operate just within the law. The only way to stop them is to boycott their services until they are forced to change. And, in the meantime, use a car rental fiorm in Gran Canaria that really cares about the service that it offers. 

For hassle-free car rental in Gran Canaria, use Mr Car Hire Gran Canaria.

You get fully comprehensive insurance, delivery to your door anywhere on the island, and personal service all day and night from Mr Car Hire himself.

Get a quote from Gran Canaria's best car rental firm...

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