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Tip Of The Day: Arucas Old Town Is Worth A Wander

Arucas old town is worth a wander Arucas old town is worth a wander

There's more to Arucas old town than the great big church. Walk up the narrow cobbled streets behind the cathedral for great old Canarian houses and local street life, then head down narrow Calle Gourié to the High Street (Calle León y Castillo).

About half way down Gourié, drop into the Casa de la Cultura to see the wooden balconies and the big dragon tree, then have a coffee and a pastry at the bakery where it meets Leon y Castillo. 

At the far end of Calle León y Castillo you get to a lovely shaded garden area with the town's original stone water channel system still flowing. A bit further down the road is the rum factory. The tours are fun as you get to see and smell the barrel room and see the bottling process as well as try free samples of lots of rums and liqueurs. 

Alex says: Arucas church wasn't always black. The original stone was a pale blue but it has stained black with time). 

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  • Lat/Long: 28.118436,-15.5231203
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