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Tuesday, 08 January 2019 12:16

Gran Canaria Tip: The Best Steak In Gran Canaria

The best steak rstaurant in Gran Canaria is... The best steak rstaurant in Gran Canaria is...

While most Gran Canaria restaurants can cook up a reasonable steak, only a few go the extra mile and give you a great steak. Here are our recommendations for the best steak in Gran Canaria, plus lots of useful tips about what to order. 

The best steak in south Gran Canaria

If you are looking for the best quality piece of meat in south Gran Canaria, go straight to El Churrasco at Meloneras. This temple to tasty steak brings in its own meat fresh from its own ranch in South America and only puts the very best on its plates. 

The best steak in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

In Las Palmas city you have several options for top quality steak. The original El Churrasco is on Olof Palme while the smaller El Novillo Precoz is a few minutes walk away on Calle Portugal. El Churrasco is formal while El Novillo is like earting in an old-school  Mafia kingpin's living room. Both serve excellent steak. Book both, especially at weekends. New kid on the Las Palmas block El Origen on Calle Lanzarote has great quality dry-aged meat but missed a few of the basics on our first (and only) visit (so far). 

If you like your steak grilled Argentine-style, head to El Buho Tuerto. It does the traditional Argentine cuts (entraña, tira de asado) over a wood-fire grill and does them very well with friendly service. 

For a really authentic Gran Canaria meat restaurant, head inland from Telde past Valsequillo town and then go to Guajara in Las Vegas village. The meat isn't as good as our other options but the local atmosphere and wood-fired grill make up for it.

Tips about eating steak in Gran Canaria

Canarians and Spanish people tend to eat their steak far rarer than most Brits and other Europeans. So, unless you like your steak seriously rare, always ask for it to be a little more done than you would at home.

Here's what to say:

"Poco hecho" means blue or very rare.

"Medio hecho" means rare to medium rare

"En su punto" means slightly bloody but with no strip of raw meat in the centre of the steak.

"Bien hecho" means medium to well done (ask for this and you may well get a slightly funny look from the waiter). 

Gran Canaria steak names

The Spanish cut up their cows in a different way from other Europeans and have their own name for the different cuts. So, while this rough guide helps, you do you need to ask your waiter exactly what you are getting.

Waiters in good Gran Canaria steak restaurants seem to know what you'll like just from what you look like; trust them!

Lomo alto is equivalent to ribeye steak

Solomillo is fillet steak

Punta de solomillo is the upper part of the fillet steak. 

Vacio is a bavette steak or prime flank steak; it's a good option if you like your steak thing and tender. 

A chuletón is a porterhouse steak although it is often translated as T-bone steak. 

Entrecot is sirloin

Veal in Gran Canaria is called ternera although it is not equivalent to milk veal as calves in Spain are kept for much longer than most European countries. 

Alex says: Thank you Anders from the excellent Taste Mesón restaurant for clearing up the names for us.

Alternatives to beef in Gran Canaria steak restaurants

Many Gran Canaria restaurants sell pork cuts from the little black pigs that are raised to make jamón serrano ham. These are called Iberico pigs so look out for "secreto" or" lagarto" Iberico on the menu. You'll get a really tasty cut of juicy pork.

For vegetarians or people who don't like red meat (pork doesn't count as red eat in Spain), most steak restaurants do a good selection of sides such as roasted peppers, vegetable grills, quality chips, etc. Since vegetarianism is becoming more popular in Spain you often find a veggie section in even the most carnivorous restaurants in Gran Canaria. 


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