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Super Useful Gran Canaria Weather Websites

Gran Canaria's weather forecast is mostly sunny Gran Canaria's weather forecast is mostly sunny

These super-useful weather resources are what we use to check the daily weather forecast all over Gran Canaria.

What do you need a weather forecast in Gran Canaria for? Isn't it always sunny? Well mostly it is, at least in the south, but different bits of the island have their own microclimates so it's always useful to know what to expect.

The Ultimate Gran Canaria Weather Guide

AEMET: State Weather Agency

Spanish Waether service websiteThe best weather forecast for Gran Canaria is from the Spanish State Weather Agency, called the AEMET. Its website gives detailed information on the weather in each Gran Canaria municipality and even a forecast for each main beach. The website has an English version (click on welcome in te top right corner of any page for the English version)  and most of the information is displayed in symbols and is easy to understand. The AEMET is also the source of all the weather warnings we publish for Gran Canaria: Heat warnings in the summer and the occasional wind and wet weather warnings in winter. 

Click here for the forecast by Gran Canaria municipality. You want San Bartolome for San Agustín, Playa del Inglés and Maspalomas, and Mogán for Puerto Rico, Arguineguín, Taurito and Mogán. For the weather forecast for your favourite Gran Canaria beach, check this AEMET page.

Click here to see an AEMET map of the water temperature in Gran Canaria and the Canary Islands.

AEMET even has a dust forecast for calima periods.

MET Norway

MET Norway weather forecast websiteThe Norwegian Meteorological Institute has excellent live maps of weather conditions for the Canary Islands (and the rest of Europe). They include live rain, temperature and wind maps, as well as graphic forecasts for the next week. The text is all in Norwegian but the information is all graphic and easy to understand.

On the rare occasions when we get heavy rain, this is the site to check to see what is coming. It's also a useful guide to temperatures in Gran Canaria during the summer.

Click here for the live weather map and click through the options on the left-hand side of the screen.

Wind Guru

Wind Guru wind and wave forecasts websiteThe website for wind and wave forecasts in Gran Canaria, windguru gives detailed and accurate information for swells, wind speed and wind direction for Gran Canaria as a whole and for important water sports areas such as the east coast around Pozo Izquierdo. 

Windguru is excellent if you are planning to learn to surf in Gran Canaria as its forecasts are pretty accurate so you can pick a few days with waves (you don't want them too big if you're learning). 

The Maspalomas forecast is a great way to assess how windy it will be on Maspalomas and Playa del Inglés beaches. If you see red numbers in the wind row, it may be a good day to head round the corner to Anfi or Amadores beach instead. 

The Best Climate In The World

best climateFor a stack of interesting facts and info about the climate of Gran Canaria and the Canary Islands, visit the Tourist Board microsite that is unapologetically called "The Best Climate In The World". It's got some great stuff about the climate and the history of tourism in the Canaries, an excellent weather forecast with detailed info about each Gran Canaria beach, and even a cool video with a Canary in it (see below).

There's even a fun app under the weather forecast map that lets you compare the climate in the Canary Islands to your home city.

El Tiempo

The best site for local forecasts for each resort and beach in Gran Canaria. The text is in Spanish but the weather icons and temperature data are easy to understand. 

While this forecast is pretty accurate if you look a couple of days ahead, take any forecast that goes more than a week into the future with a pinch of salt. 


The best Climate In The World

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