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Gran Canaria Surfing: The La Cicer Break

La Cicer isn't the best surf area in Gran Canaria, or even in the capital Las Palmas, but it is the most popular as it's where most of the island's surf schools take their groms.

Years ago there was no promenade at the south end of Las Canteras beach, the water was mucky and the locals had the La Cicer waves to themselves. Nowadays the same surfers run surf schools & hostels in the Guanarteme barrio behind the beach and the waves are full of grommets on big, luminous boards.

The La Cicer breaks (there are several along the beach between Punta Brava and Los Muellitos) are beach breaks over sand and, therefore, perfect for learners. The waves are often messy but at least, they are consistent: There is surf almost every day between September and April and even most days during the summer.

The biggest break is off the point of the Muellitos jetties right by the Auditorium. It's popular with surfers, longboarders and bodyboarders and breaks left and right. It's a long paddle out but worth it on its day.

In the centre of the La Cicer beach is a bodyboard peak that breaks left and further north a couple of other inshore breaks pop up. On big days, the waves even break over the submerged reef way out in deep water.

The best thing to do at La Cicer is turn up and have a good look at the waves on the day. Unless it's flat calm something will be surfable.

Alex says: While most of the local surfers are happy to see learners, there are a few locals who still want all the waves to themselves. They surf the break of the Los Muellitos Jetty. If you're a confident surfer then feel free to surf the break but if you're a learner it's best to stay on the inner waves. If you get agro from the idiot on the bodyboard (you'll kno the one), ignore him; He's a pain but he's harmless.

This wave was written by our good friends at the Ventana Azul surf hostel in Las Palmas.

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