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Gran Canaria Surfing: El Confital

The Confital wave with Las Palmas behind The Confital wave with Las Palmas behind ©

The fast, barrelling, right-handed point break at El Confital is one of Europe's top bodyboarding waves and hosts European tour events regularly. 

It's just north of Las Palmas by the beach of the same name. El Confital used to be a shanty town but is now pristine except for a long boardwalk. It's a great spot to surf and relax if the La Cicer crowds get too much.

El Confi is shallow and spits you out onto a lava reef if you get things wrong. It's best to go at high tide and on days when the swell is 1.5m and up and coming from the from the west and northwest. The wave runs up to 4m.

The El Confi locals expect respect from visitors but if you can handle the wave they'll be impressed. Drop in on them and they'll kick your car. Or you.


The El Confital surf wave
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