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The Ultimate Guide To Bus Transport From Gran Canaria Airport

How to get from Gran Canaria airport to your resort by public bus How to get from Gran Canaria airport to your resort by public bus

When you land at Gran Canaria airport without a transfer service included in your package it's easy to get a public bus to the resorts or Las Palmas. Here's how to do it.

Gran Canaria airport bus transport

Buses are the cheapest way to get from the airport to the resorts, but can be a faff if you have lots of luggage or are staying a long way from the nearest bus stop. Most people will need to get a bus, then take a taxi fo the last bit of the journey to their accommodation. 

All buses that stop at the airport now stop inside the airport so you don't have to walk out to the road to pick them up. The airport bus stop is outside departures towards the north end of the airport.

You pay for your journey onboard in cash (euros). 

Airport buses to Puerto de Mogan and Puerto Rico

Bus Line 01 goes all the way to Puerto de Mogán with lots of stops on the way. However, because it stops so often it's a slow journey and you could easily be sitting on it for 90 minutes. This line goes through San Agustín but skips Playa del Inglés and Maspalomas.

Line 91 is a much faster option that misses out Playa del Inglés and Maspalomas but does stop along the coast between Arguineguin and Puerto de Mogán. 

The one-way fare from the airport to Puerto de Mogán is €6.80. 

Click on the links to see the timetable for each bus line.

Airport buses to Playa del Inglés and Maspalomas

Bus Line 05 is a late night service from Las Palmas to Maspalomas and stops at the airport and at lots of places inside Playa del Inglés resort before ending at the Maspalomas bus station by the lighthouse. 

Line 66 starts at the airport and goes through Playa del Inglés and Maspalomas before ending at the Faro bus station. It runs during the day. 

Line 36 goes between Telde and Maspalomas and stops at the airport. However, it's a slow bus that makes a lot of stops on the way down the east coast. 

Line 90 is faster bus between Telde and Maspalomas that skips the east coast but does stop in Playa del Inglés

The fare from the airport to Faro de Maspalomas is €4.05. To Playa del Inglés costs €3.50.

Airport buses to Las Palmas 

For Las Palmas, Global Line 60 leaves from the airport twice an hour and the journey takes about 25 minutes. The bus that leaves at 15 minutes past the hour goes all the way to Santa Catalina bus station while the one that leaves at five minutes to the hour stops at San Telmo. 

Line 91 also connects the airport to San Telmo bus station but doesn't run at night. 

Line 5 is a night bus between Maspalomas and Las Palmas that stops at the airport at certain times. 

The San Telmo bus station is a taxi ride from most of the city's hotels and apartments so you need to get a taxi from the front of the bus station; Just walk up the steps and turn left up the ramp. The taxis are right there and there are almost always plenty of them waiting. 

To be honest, it's easier to get a taxi from San Telmo than it is to stay on the bus to Santa Catalina. The taxi ride won't cost more than 5 euros to anywhere in the city (maximum of seven euros late at night, at weekends and on fiesta days when the taxis charge an extra supplement). 

The fare is €2.30 to San Telmo and €2.95 to Santa Catalina.

Other destinations

You need to change at Telde for all inland east coast towns and in Las Palmas for Gran Canaria towns. For Fataga, change at Maspalomas, for the Arguineguín valley, change at Arguineguin, and for Pueblo Mogan, change at Puerto de Mogán. 

Other options

If you just want to get to your destination rather than wait for a bus, get a taxi or book a private transfer service in advance. 


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