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Eating Out at Puerto Rico in Gran Canaria

Beachside dining at Puerto Rico in Gran Canaria Beachside dining at Puerto Rico in Gran Canaria

Most of the restaurants in Puerto Rico resort are in the colossal shopping centre but there are options by the marinas and the beach, and good spots for dinner tucked away amongst the apartments. 

Puerto Rico Shopping Centre

The Puerto Rico shopping centre is stuffed with restaurants selling resort cuisine: Big steaks, garlic prawns, enormous ice creams etc. Most serve perfectly good food although margins are squeezed by the number of places.

Most have a tout outside so we'd encourage you to choose a place with friendly staff, plenty of customers and obvious pride in their food. Walk away from any restaurant with an aggressive or unpleasant frontman.

The Las Vegas Steakhouse gets good reviews from our 10,000-strong army of Facebook fans.

Alex says: Some of the best spots in the Puerto Rico CC aren't on the main walkways but are tucked away. For example, the Happy Valley Indian restaurant on the first floor just by the lift. It does quality Indian food to eat in and take away and also has a beachfront restaurant at Amadores.

Agua la Perra

This mini version of Puerto Rico just behind the Puerto Base marina (get to it by walking under the road just by the Marina Suites apartments) is worth the walk if you want good food.

The little shopping centre just up the hill from the marina has several of Puerto Rico's best restaurants. The Cosi Como Sei Italian is currently top of Tripadvisor's list of 138 restaurants (there must be lots more) in Puerto Rico.

Just next door is El Cenador grill: a low-key restaurant popular with Canarians who work in the resort as well as with repeat visitors. It serves great steak and has a famously friendly atmosphere. 

El Gaitero, a typical resort restaurant with a big menu also gets good reviews for service and friendliness from our Facebook fans.

The Marinas

The Grill Costa Mar in Puerto Base gets good reviews and so does the Taj Palace. Bambus Bar is popular with the Scandinavian crowd.

In Puerto Escala, the Puerto Escala chiringuito does good-value seafood and salads while the Puerto Rico Beach Club on the first floor of the little shopping centre has great views and does good food.

In the resort

Small restaurants dotted around the resort are often good quality as don't get people walking past and have to attract them with good food and service. Ask around at your accommodation and in the reception. 

Up the hill

The Europa Centre up the West Hill isn't as busy as Puerto Rico CC but has great views of the resort. The El Toro Negro restaurant is always busy and serves big steaks. MIA Restaurante Pizzeria also gets good reviews.


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