Puerto Rico Versus Playa Del Inglés: Which Resort Is Best For You?

Beach bar at Puerto Rico resort Beach bar at Puerto Rico resort

Gran Canaria's liveliest resorts draw in the party people, but are they just nightlife spots, and which one is best for you?

The weather

Both resorts get over 300 days of sunshine per year but we have to say that Puerto Rico gets a little more blue sky than Maspalomas throughout the year. The difference is marginal, but Puerto Rico is about as sunny as it gets anywhere that isn't a desert. Since it's in a sheltered valley, Puerto Rico resort also gets less wind than flatter Playa del Inglés resort.

The beaches

Puerto Rico beach gets busy and so does white-sand Amadores just round the coast. Sometimes it's a struggle to find a lounger or a bare patch of sand, especially if you like to linger over breakfast and hit the beach late.

Maspalomas beach, on the other hand, is so vast that there's always plenty of room on the sand. Even though it's slap bang in the middle of the world's biggest resort, Maspalomas beach and dunes feel wild. Maybe that's why it is so popular with nudists.

Things to do

Both Puerto Rico and Playa del Inglés offer pretty much any activity you could want to do in Gran Canaria. Between the flyers and the booking desks at reception, and the independent providers with offices around the resort, you just have to ask.

However, Puerto Rico does have the advantage that most of the boat trips in Gran Canaria leave from the marina right by the beach. It also has the Angry Birds activity park in the middle of the resort. Puerto Rico is closer to Puerto de Mogán.

Playa del Inglés is closer to Las Palmas for the best local shopping and has a wider choices of nightlife centres (choose between the Yumbo or Kasbah, or go posh at Meloneras) although Puerto Ricvvo now has plenty of shops at the Mogan Mall as well as bars and restaurants in the original shopping centre and the Europa Centre up the hill. Playa is more convenient for Palmitos Park and the Aqualand water park, but you can get a direct bus to both from Puerto Rico. 

Playa del Inglés has better public bus links to the rest of Gran Canaria, although you can get anywhere from Puerto Rico by changing bus once. 

Lex says: LGBT visitors just head for Playa del Inglés because it's got the Yumbo cantre, the nude gay beach section and the dunes.


There's more choice of restaurants in Playa del Inglés and more upmarket nosh, but Puerto Rico has nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to choice, especially with the new restaurants at the Mogán Mall and The Market.

Because lots of Puerto Rico restaurants are in the main shopping centre, you do get more pressure from menu men standing outside, and there is more competition to offer cheap meals rather than focus on quality. That said, most places do a good job of providing decent nosh at reasonable prices.

Playa del Inglés has its fair share or restaurants strips but because it is larger, there are more out of the way places that focus on quality and reputation rather than focusing on price. 


Puerto Rico is unashamedly resorty and its fans love it. Unless you stay right by the shopping centre, however, it is a peaceful place to stay and most accommodation has sea views and sunny terraces.

Playa del Inglés has both the busy shopping centres and the quiet complexes but sea views are rare as most of the resort is flat. 

Alex says: Playa del Inglés is probably the better option if you have limited mobility as it is flatter. However, if you stay close to the valley floor in Puerto Rico, or just use taxis to get about, you'll be fine. 


It's a tough choice and the decision is mainly down to personal opinion. If you want a big beach and plenty of space to walk, then head to Playa. If you want a Brits (summer) or Scandies (winter) abroad holiday, then go for Puerto Rico as Playa is more cosmopolitan.

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