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Getting from Gran Canaria Airport to Playa del Inglés

Taxi in Playa del Inglés Taxi in Playa del Inglés

Playa del Inglés is about half an hour down the motorway from Gran Canaria airport and you can't really get lost. You can rent a car or get a bus or taxi to the resort. 

Package Holiday Transfers

Come to Gran Canaria on a package deal there is a free, shiny bus waiting for you at the airport. In exchange for the lift you get a welcome speech and some sales patter from the rep but it’s never a good idea to sign up for trips and extras on the bus.

The “only a few places left so sign up now” pitch is designed to take advantage of frazzled passengers and tour operator trips are not always the best option. Most excursions in Gran Canaria run every day, or at least twice a week. If  an excursion is full there is always an alternative. Look for leaflets in your hotel reception and check our excursions guide before signing up.

Independent travellers

A taxi ride costs about 40 euros. This sounds expensive but between three or four people it isn’t much more than the public bus. There are always plenty of taxis waiting right outside the arrivals lounge. They are all on the meter and perfectly honest. Be nice to your taxi driver and ask for a card and he may well offer you a cheap ride back to the airport. 

Local blue buses run from the airport down to Playa del Inglés but most people still need a taxi to get from the bus stop to your accommodation. The bus line between the airport and Playa is Line 66: It runs every hour at twenty minutes past the hour between 07.20 and 20.20. Gran Canaria airport is currently being extended so the bus stop moves around. It currently leaves from just to the right of the arrivals gate. If in doubt, ask for the “guagua (wawa) para Playa del Inglés”.

Intrepid or budget travellers can avoid taxi fares when the airport buses aren't running by walking under the motorway to the bus stop just by airport exit. A bus will come along within an hour or two at any time of the day or night, except at weekends. Unless you are seriously short of cash, we recommend getting a taxi instead of standing by the motorway in the dark.

Pick-up services

Several companies offer a personal pick-up service from the airport. They are convenient and reliable but only save you a few euros. For large groups who want to travel together they are worthwhile but but otherwise a taxi is just as convenient. We'd advise you to use the Canary Forum airport transfer service as it is local, has been running for years and doesn't require up-front payment..


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