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Eating Out In Playa del Inglés Resort

There's more to PDI food that the all-day breakfast There's more to PDI food that the all-day breakfast

Standard resort cuisine in Gran Canaria hasn’t changed much since the 1970s. Prawn cocktails comewithout an ironic wink and the banana split rules the dessert menu. Is this because restaurateurs and chefs are stuck in a time warp? No, it’s because they serve what you guys want, and what you guys want is retro comfort food and old favourites.


If your palate simply can’t handle another all-day breakfast, steak in peppercorn or flambéed raspberry extravaganza don’t worry: There are fantastic restaurants in Playa del Inglés serving quality modern food. You just have to know where to find them.

If you want authentic Canarian or Spanish food, then consider getting out of Dodge. Papas con mojo are on every menu in Playa but the mojo comes from a bottle rather than from granny’s pestle-and-mortar. For authentic Canarian flavour, head for the hills. For quality tapas, head for Las Palmas, or over the road to San Fernando where all the people who work in the resort eat.

Paella is on most restaurant menus in Playa but requires tender loving care to come out well. Most chefs in Playa are too busy to do it justice. If you’ve had the real thing it is best avoided.

Food safety in Playa del Inglés

You can eat everything in Playa and the rest of Gran Canaria without any worries, including pork and seafood. The ice is made in the ice factory and is perfectly safe. Gran Canaria is part of Europe and food hygiene standards are as strict as anywhere else. 

If you're worried about the food stick to busy restaurants and check Trip Advisor reviews for places that you like the look of. 

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