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21 Gorgeous Photos Of Gran Canaria's Little Venice

Puerto de Mogán beach and promenade Puerto de Mogán beach and promenade

Puerto de Mogán marina is known as Little Venice because of its gorgeous lanes and canals. It's a must-visit spot in Gran Canaria and here's twenty photos that show you the highlights.

Puerto de Mogán Gran Canaria

It's famous for its distinctive architecture

Puerto de Mogán Gran Canaria 042 1

Unmistakeable isn't it?

Puerto de Mogán II 015

Here's one of the famous canals (there's not as many as you'd expect)


Puerto de Mogán Taurito 014

There's plenty of bougainvillea though


Mogan 1 of 1 19

And all sorts of tropical flowers


March2015 1 48

Puerto de Mogán is one of the sunniest places on Earth: 320 days of sunshine per year


Mogan 1 of 1 12

Lucky there's a beach


Puerto de Mogán Gran Canaria 015

A pretty nice one


Puerto de Mogán Gran Canaria 008

Here's a few things to do (apart from walk around)


Puerto de Mogán Gran Canaria 071

There's a yellow submarine that visits a wreck just offshore


untitled 123 2

Plenty of swimming spots


Puerto de Mogán Taurito 018

Or climb the hill through the original village to the viewpoint


Mogan 1 of 1 23

You'll get lost in the maze but it's worth it for the view


Puerto de Mogan 0003

There's even a prehistoric site


Puerto de Mogan 0004

With its own bar (and another superb view)


March2015 1 54

Visit on Monday and Friday for the outdoor market


March2015 1 53

And live Canarian music


Puerto de Mogán Gran Canaria 050

Get to Puerto de Mogán by car, bus or ferry


untitled 369

And don't forget



To stay for sunset


Puerto de Mogán 005

Or later

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