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Las Palmas: The Best Squares For Coffee Or A Beer

Chess and domino players at Santa Catalina in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Chess and domino players at Santa Catalina in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

When you visit Las Palmas de Gran Canaria city, you have to stop in one of its squares for a coffee or a beer. Here's our guide to the city's top plazas.

vegueta 2The Plaza de Santa Ana in Vegueta

This large, open square is right in front of the facade of the Santa Ana Cathedral in old town Vegueta. It’s famous for its bronze dog sculptures and is home to some hungry pigeons.

There’s only one cafe with tables on the square and it often hosts local events and concerts during fiestas.

The Plaza del Pilar Nuevo in Vegueta

Despite the name, the Plaza del Pilar Nuevo is one of Las Palmas’ oldest squares and is famous for its medieval gothic fountain. It’s at the back of the cathedral in Vegueta and you walk out into it from the exit of the Casa de Colon Museum.

The cafes here are at the south end of the square under the trees.

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The Plaza de San Antonio Abad in Vegueta

The Plaza de Antonio Abad in Las Palmas de Gran CanariaThis little square at the heart of old town Vegueta is historically very important because it was here, in the little hermitage of the same name where Christopher Columbus gave a sermon just before he sailed west towards the Americas in 1492.

Don’t miss the mysterious Masonic frescos in the Vinoteca La Otilla. They were plastered over during Franco’s reign and only discovered recently.

Look down Calle Montesdeoca and you’ll see a clump of palm trees growing at the exact spot where the city was founded just 10 years earlier.

Read more about the early and blood-soaked history of Las Palmas.

The Plaza del Cairasco in Triana

This square is home to two of Las Palmas’ iconic buildings; the Hotel Madrid and the Gabinete Literario with its Arabesque minarets and beautiful outdoor terrace.

There’s a playground just over the road in the Plaza de San Francisco and a bust of Columbus high on a column.

The Plaza de las Ranas in Triana

Plaza de las Ranas in Las Palmas de Gran CanariaNamed after the spitting bronze frogs in its fountain, the Plaza de las Ranas is home to several lively local cafes and there’s also a superb roof terrace on top of the Monopol Arcade on the square. Head upstairs for a cocktail and rooftop views of Vegueta and Triana.

The Plaza Santo Domingo in Vegueta

A quiet old town plaza which is perfect for a quiet coffee or beer away from the morning crowds that fill up more popular parts of Vegueta.

The Plaza de San Telmo in Triana & Arenales

san telmo square smallShaded by huge fig trees, the Plaza de San Telmo is the first thing you see when you come up the stairs from the San Telmo bus station. It’ famous for its lovely Modernist Kiosk and Cafe in the north-west corner and also has a huge wooden pirate ship for the kids to play on.

Walk across the park from the bus station and turn south to get to Traiana shopping street. The tourist info booth here is really helpful.

The Plaza del Pilar in Guanarteme

This firmly local square is just behind the surfy end of the beach is popular with parents as it has a play park and several good-value local bars.

The Plaza del Pilar is within easy walking distance of the Las Arenas Mall so it's an ideal post-shopping stop.

Alex says: In the city for shopping? We have the ultimate guide to Las Palmas shopping.

The Plazoleta de Farray in Guanarteme

One of Las Palmas’ cutest plazas with its palm trees and busy local cafes. Farray hosts live music on Friday nights and is a popular first-drink spot on a night out in Las Palmas.

The Plaza de Fray Junipero in El Puerto

Once a tiny square surrounded by roads, Fray Junipero has been done up and is now one of Las Palmas’ weekend hotspots thanks to its bars and restaurants. It’s livelier than Farray and stays open later. For more on Las Palmas nightlife, see our guide to the best bars in the city.

The Plaza de Santa Catalina in El Puerto

beer smallThe quintessential Las Palmas square with its palm trees, cafes and old men playing chess (go easy with the camera as they are photo shy).

Look out for the two historical newspaper stands and the bronze of Lolita Pluma; a famous woman who spent decades walking around Las Palmas with her cats.

The science museum is at the northeast corner of the square and the El Muelle shopping centre and Poema de Mar aquarium are within a couple of minutes walk.

Lex says: For more info about Gran Canaria's capital, see our guide to doing Las Palmas in a day.

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