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20 Photos That Prove Las Canteras Is The World's Best City Beach

Las Canteras: The world's best urban beach Las Canteras: The world's best urban beach

Enough with the "one of the best" and "some think it's the best" fence-sitting. We say Las Canteras beach in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is the best city beach in the world and here's 20 photos that prove it ...

Las Canteras

It's 3.5 kilometres of fine, golden sand 


Las Canteras best new 7

Right in the centre of the city


Las Canteras best new 3

The city with the world's most pleasant climate


Las Canteras best new 4

 This is December by the way


Las Canteras best 9

It's safe, friendly and laid back all year round


Las Canteras beach palm trees

Did we mention the coconut palm trees?


Las Canteras best 3 copy

There's lots of them


Las Canteras best 6

And a natural lava reef that makes the water clear and calm


Las Canteras best 2

The whole area is a marine reserve and teeming with life

 Las Canteras best 8

The gorgeous promenade


Las Canteras beach promeande with restaurants

Is full of places to eat and drink


Las Canteras surf wave

Las Canteras has everything, from surf waves


Sunset surfers

To surf babes


Las Canteras best 7

The sunsets are superb


Las Canteras best 2 copy


 Apartamento Juancho 001

And there's plenty of places to stay


Apartamento Juancho 009

From beachfront hotels and apartments


Las Canteras best 12

To cool dude surfing hostels: Ventana Azul

 Las Canteras beach boats and sea

See you on the beach: Las Canteras Beach 


Las Canteras best new 2

The world's best city beach ;)

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