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Delicious Daily Doughnuts in Gran Canaria

Light and fluffy, golden brown, with a crust of flaky sugar and a hint of lemon: Gran Canaria's doughnuts, called donuts, are a delight. 

Donuts never make it into the guide books or the typical food lists. However, they are one of the island's unique treats and everybody who visits should try one. 

Donuts are made daily by the Panrico Donuts company in Teror town and delivered every by a fleet of vans. By 9.00 am every bar, corner shop and cafe on the island has a stack of delicious donuts on their counter.  

Panrico has been making donuts in Gran Canaria for over 50 years. Nowadays they produce a range of chocolate stuffed doughnuts a la crispy creme but their original version with the hole is still the best.
There are two ways to buy and eat a donut, both with their own local rules. These aren't enforced but are deeply entrenched in the Canarian psyche. 

The first is to buy it in a small shop, called an estanco. Here donuts are always served in a square serviette that has a blue or red line around the edge. You eat the donut before you leave the shop: It's rude to eat and walk at the same time in the Canary Islands if you are over the age of 18. 

The second way is to order your donut at a sit down cafe. It comes on a small white plate with a serviette (with no blue or white border), and a small fork. You eat your donut with the fork, not with your hands, accompanied with a cafe con leche. Dunking is permitted but causes an etiquette dilemma. You can't dunk with a fork. You can't you eat the donut with your hands. The solution is to break off a piece of donut with the side of the fork, using a downwards motion. You can then pick the piece up and dunk it in your coffee. 

Alex says: Donuts go stale in hours so never buy one on a Saturday afternoon or Sunday. You can get them in supermarkets but the packaged ones are never as good.

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Tip of the day

  • Exchange Money In Gran Canaria Or At Home?
    Exchange Money In Gran Canaria Or At Home?

    Visitors to Gran Canaria often ask whether it is better to exchange their local currency for euros at home or in Gran Canaria. 

    The answer is that it is almost always better to buy your euros at home than it is to bring pounds to Gran Canaria and use local banks or currency exchanges. This rule of thumb applies all over the world. A currency is almost always cheaper the further away you are from the place you can spend it (because demand for it is lower). 

    Exchange rates are almost always better at home than in Gran Canaria

    You are very likely to get a better exchange rate using a British currency exchange specialist or local bank. Many of these companies will deliver your euros to your home.

    One of the best rates in the UK is often from the post office, especially if you do it well in advance.

    The only way you'll get a better rate in Gran Canaria than at home is if the exchange rate changes while you are travelling and this is rare. 

    You also have to bear in mind that currency exchanges in Gran Canaria are getting rarer and some local banks don't exchange money for non-clients. 

    To Transfer large amouynts of money to Gran Canaria, or to make regular transfers, always use a reputable currency broker such as Currencies Direct. This will save you money on exchange rates and bank charges and is highky secure. 

    The risk of bringing cash to Gran Canaria

    Another important factor to consider is the risk of bringing cash to Gran Canaria: If it is lost or stolen, there is no way of getting it back. 

    It is much safer to bring a debit or credit card and use local bank ATMs to take out money. These days, a good option is a pre-charged debit card. 

    Cards may be slightly more expensive that carrying cash, unless you seek out a bank card with low commissions, but it is much more secure. 

    Bank ATMs like Bankia, Santander and BBVA often charge lower rates than the ATMs in shopping centres and busy tourist areas.

    Alex Says: Always select the Euro option at ATMs in Gran Canaria because the exchange rate is much better than if you opt for the Local Currency option. The same applies when you pay by card in shops and restaurants.

    See our Gran Canaria Tips section for more nuggets of useful local information.

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