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Monday, 10 August 2015 08:26

Star Alert: Tonight's Perseid Meteor Shower Is A Must See Says NASA

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Tonights Perseids could be spectacular from Gran Canaria Tonights Perseids could be spectacular from Gran Canaria

NASA has dubbed the 2015 Perseids as the must-see 2015 meteor shower and Gran Canaria is a great place to see them.

The Perseids are expected to produce up to 50 shooting stars per hour with peaks of 100 per hour. With the moon almost new, this year's event is expected to be as good as they come. 

Despite the cloudy skies over much of the island this morning, the forecast improves tonight and especially tomorrow night. Even if it's cloudy at sea level you can often get above the clouds by heading up into the highlands.

The 2015 Perseid peak between August 10 and 14.

Here are our top tips for seeing the Perseids:

  • Get as far away from artificial lights as possible, especially bright street lights. 
  • Head up into the highlands for the best chance of clear skies and quality darkness. In Gran Canaria, you'll stand the best chance of seeing the Perseids from the northern half of the island as the views are uninterrupted.
  • Give your eyes at least 20 minutes to adapt to the dark (switch off all torches and mobile phones).
  • Look northeast as the Perseids come from the Y-shaped Perseus Constellation.
  • SGet up early or stay up late: The last hours of darkness are the best time to see the Perseids.



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