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Record Gran Canaria Timeshare Payout: Anfi Owner Gets €189,000

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Gran Canaria court orders Anfi to repay €189,000 after annulling an illegal timeshare contract Gran Canaria court orders Anfi to repay €189,000 after annulling an illegal timeshare contract

The Las Palmas High Court No. 5 has ordered Anfi de Mar timeshare resort to return €189,000 to a timeshare owner with an illegal contract.

It ruled that the four-week contract was null and void because it was sold in perpetuity and included floating weeks. 

And, because Anfi took a big deposit during legal cooling-off period, the sum returned is twice the price that the former timeshare owner paid. 

Yes, the owners got back double their money!

It's the latest in a string of Gran Canaria court decisions against Gran Canaria timeshare companies this year. 

More will follow because the Spanish supreme court has clarified Spanish timeshare law.

Timeshare & Spanish Law

A series of unappealable 2015 Supreme Court judgements have created a precedent in Spanish timeshare law. They affect timeshare in Gran Canaria, the Canary Islands and everywhere else in Spain. 

The Supreme Court has ruled that all timeshare contracts signed after January 4, 1999, that contain any of the following three points are illegal. 

  • Floating weeks or an open date. This includes Holiday Clubs.
  • An undefined period of time. All timeshare contracts must last between three and fifty years.


  • Any timeshare contract, even ones that are legal, is null and void if the company took a deposit or payment from the buyer with 14 days of the signing. If the contract contains any other illegal clauses, this period is extended to three months. 

The result is that thousands of timeshare contracts in the Canary Islands and Spain are not just illegal but so illegal that they are null and void. That means the timeshare company has to give back all the money it took. 

I think my timeshare contract is illegal. What do I do?

You need a good lawyer who understands timeshare law and has won cases. In Gran Canaria, you're in luck.

  • It was a Gran Canaria company that took the timeshare companies to the Supreme Court. And won!
  • It was the same company that first got a timeshare company to return their client's money.
  • And that same company is now winning cases against Canarian and Spanish timeshare companies every week. 

It's called the Canarian Legal Alliance.

The Canarian Legal Alliance

Spain's leading timeshare law experts are a Gran Canaria success story. They've changed Spanish law and allowed everyone with an illegal contract to get their money back. 

Not just in Gran Canaria, but everywhere in Spain. 

The CLA's team of lawyers has now won seven supreme court judgements and dozens of court cases. They are getting their clients' money back almost every week.

Contact the CLA for a no- obligation assessment

If you think your Spanish timeshare contract is illegal, contact the Canarian Legal Alliance today. Their legal team will contact you with 24 hours and you'll know within a day whether you can get your contract annulled and your money back

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