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Gran Canaria Wellness: Seven Reasons Why The Beach Is Good For You

Being on the beach in Gran Canaria is healthy Being on the beach in Gran Canaria is healthy

Watch Canarians on the beach and you'll see that they do something odd. They coat themselves in beach sand and rub their skin vigorously: They're not crazy but know about one of the ocean's secrets. Wet beach sand, coated with sea salt and minerals, is great for your skin.


Super sand

The volcanic sand in Gran Canaria is a fantastic exfoliant. It scrapes away dead skin cells and then hydrates the soft layers underneath as well as infusing them with minerals and rare ocean elements. The ocean contains all of the 89 elements that you find in a healthy human body.

Mineral aerosol

Another benefit of being by the sea is that sea air contains tiny droplets of salt water full of minerals. When you breathe them in they deliver the minerals right to your lungs and the salt acts as a decongestant and cleansing agent.  Breathing in the sea air doesn't just feel good, it's excellent for your health. 

Feelgood ions

Ever noticed how you feel better as soon as you are by the ocean or close to a waterfall? There may be a scientific reason for it: Moving water creates negative ions in the air and these seem to make people feel more positive. 

Happy sunshine

Being in the sunshine boosts serotonin levels and makes you feel happier. Exposure to morning sunshine also balances out your body clock because it regulates melatonin levels.

Healthy sunshine

Even the sun is good for you provided that you don't get burned. Daily exposure to sunshine boosts your antioxidant Vitamin D levels. This helps your body to absorb calcium and recent research even suggests that it is important in the fight against cancer. 


Walking along the sand is great for your muscle tone. A recent study found that being inactive is more dangerous than being overweight and that people who work in offices are most at risk. Just twenty minutes brisk walking every day is enough to give you real health benefits. Start on the beach and take the habit home with you.


Swimming is far more than great, low impact exercise. The cool water boosts circulation, firms your skin and exposes it to all the healthy minerals in the ocean.

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