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GC 216: Epic Views From The Tamadaba Loop Road

The view of Puerto de Las Nieves from Tamadaba The view of Puerto de Las Nieves from Tamadaba

The Tamadaba loop road gives you the best views out over the Atlantic Ocean towards Tenerife and Teide volcano. It's a driving must in Gran Canaria.

The GC 216 loop road through the pine forests right at the top of Gran Canaria's west coast cliffs is unforgettable. The breeze whooshes through the pine needles, the air is full of their scent, and Tenerife seems close enough to touch. 

Join the GC 16 here, just next to where the GC 17 road meets the GC 210 between Artenara and La Aldea down on the west coast. It's one way from this point so take the right fork. The drive takes you past the highest point of the west of Gran Canaria (a long walk up through the pines) before looping round to the edge of the island.

Turn off the loop here to get to the almost derelict Tamadaba campground. Park where the graded track ends and walk through the pines until you get to the cliff edge. It's a view that you'll never forget. 

Another option is to follow the signposted trail out onto the first section of Faneque: The highest point of the west coast cliffs. You can't get to the end of the Faneque without rock-climbing gear (or a long hike around the chasm) but the views from the bit you can walk to are worth the effort. 

Rejoin the GC 16 loop road and you come to the section that's closest to the cliff edge. Teide is right there and comes in and out of view through the pines. 

At the end of the loop head back to the junction with the GC 210 and head downhill for the spectacular road down to La Aldea, or uphill towards Artenara. 

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  • Lat/Long: 28.0516037,-15.6949638
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