Five Cool North Gran Canaria Beaches The Locals Keep to Themselves

One of north Gran Canaria's many secret local beaches One of north Gran Canaria's many secret local beaches

There are quiet local beaches dotted all around the north coast of Gran Canaria. If you get sick of long sand beaches covered in sun loungers and parasols then head to one of these secret spots. All of them are great for snorkelling.


El Juncal

Juncal is a small, pebble beach about 2 km north of Puerto de las Nieves. It is about 120 metres long with calm, clear water. You can walk to if from the town by following the promenade from the harbour north and then cutting inland. There are no facilities at El Juncal, and it is completely natural. Most of the regulars don't bother with clothes.

El Puertillo

Arucas is famous for its colossal Gothic church and pretty town centre. Few people know that the town also has its own beach and natural swimming pool. El Puertillo is small with dark sand, but you are almost guaranteed to be the only tourist there among a few Canarian families. The beach is sheltered, but the north coast is rough so don't swim out too far. Opposite the beach is a huge natural swimming pool that shelters swimmers from the surf. The village also has fish restaurants, and a promenade. 

Sardina del Norte

Sardina del Norte is packed with scuba divers and local seafood lovers every weekend. It is one of the best places in Gran Canaria to see angel sharks and big rays, as well as amberjacks, and even tuna. The small sandy beach never have anyone except locals on. Combine a day on Sardina Beach with a seafood feast at the restaurants by the harbour. Sardina del Norte is an odd place as the harbour is built right at the bottom of a huge cliff. 

El Risco

El Risco is more famous for its Blue Pool or Charco Azul that for its beach. However, if you head down the valley from the village rather than up the hill, you get to a wide sand and pebble beach that is completely undeveloped. It a quiet spot that rarely has anyone on at all. Nudism is fine, even expected, on El Risco Beach.

San Cristobal

San Cristobal Beach is all pebbles and not that many people ever go swimming off it. Tucked away in town by the harbour is a tiny little sand beach with safe water. San Cristobal is very popular with the locals because it's home to some of the best seafood restaurants in Las Palmas. San Cristobal is on the way into Las Palmas from the south. The original village has been absorbed by the city but still maintains its own charm and local feel. 

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