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11 Gran Canaria Beaches With Palm Tree Shade

Palm trees everywhere you go in Gran Canaria Palm trees everywhere you go in Gran Canaria

There's nothing like sitting in the shade of a palm tree listening to the breeze rustle through the fronds and the waves lapping at the shore. Here are 11 Gran Canaria beaches with palm trees right by the sand.


1 Amadores

The famous Amadores beach palm trees cast their shade onto the sand morning and evening. Just buy an ice cream, pick a shadow and relax




The beachfront terraces at Taurito beach have their own palm tree shade


Las Marañuelas

Palm tree shadows on Arguineguin's Las Marañuelas beach

Pick your shadow at Las Marañuelas beach in Arguineguín: Shade appears in the mornings 


Las Canteras

Sitting in the shade of Las Canteras' coconut palm trees

 There's always palm tree shade at Las Canteras beach in the capital city Las Palmas


Playa de Mogán

Puerto de Mogán beach and palm trees

 Lined with coconut palm trees, Puerto de Mogán beach is a palm lover's dream


Anfi Beach

Anfi beach and coconut palms

 Anfi beach is the island's most tropical beach and has the coconut palm trees to set the scene


 Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico beach and palm trees

 Puerto Rico beach: The place to eat lunch under the shade of the beach palms


Las Burras

las burras 8

 There's only one palm tree on the sand at Las Burras beach, but it's a cutie


Hoya del Pozo

Hoya del Pozo beach with palm trees

 East coast Hoya del Pozo beach is a long way from the resorts but the palm tree shade is there every morning


Puerto de las Nieves

puerto de las nieves beach palms

 This siesta-ready clump of coconut palm trees is just east of the jetty in Puerto de las Nieves



Salinetas beach and palm trees

The Canary palm trees at east coast Salinetas beach cast their shade on the sand in the afternoon