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10 Sandy South Gran Canaria Beaches That Tourists Don't Know About

Arguineguin's Las Marañuelas beach doesn't get tourrist crowds Arguineguin's Las MaraƱuelas beach doesn't get tourrist crowds

Everybody goes to Amadores beach and Playa del Inglés is busy every day. However, there are great sandy beaches in south Gran Canaria where you can sit on the sand surrounded by locals rather than tourists. Here are ten of the best.

Click on the beach names to see more details and a map location for each beach.


Playa del Cura

Playa del Cura beach between Amadores and Puerto de Mogán

Playa del Cura beach has natural volcanic sand and sun loungers for rent, but somehow doesn't attract the crowds. It's where people who work in the resorts go to get away from the shop.


El Pajar

el pajar

El Pajar has a cement factory right next to it and this puts some people off. However, you can't see the factory from the beach so it's a great local spot to sit on golden sand. The seafood restaurants here are excellent.




It's like the Scandinavians took Patalavaca beach off the maps thirty years ago and nobody noticed. This natural sandy beach has all facilities and gets glorious weather but is rarely busy


Medio Almud

Medio Almud nudist beach in south Gran Canaria

Medio Almud beach is where local nudists go when they don't feel like being gawped at by tourists. It's quiet and there's enough sandy patches to get comfy


Las Marañuelas

Las Marañuelas beach in Arguineguin

Tourists crowd into Arguineguín every Tuesday for the street market, but most miss fantastic Las Marañuelas natural beach at the west end of town. It's sunny, calm and quiet and there's great places to eat just behind the sand


Pasito Blanco

Pasito Blanco beach close to Meloneras

The beach where the have-yachts and the have-nots mingle: Pasito Blanco beach is within the marina of the same name.  You have to walk in the marina is private but the fine, natural sand and calm water is worth the effort


El Cochino

El Cochino beach next to Playa del Inglés

Head east along the coast instead of west from Playa del Inglés and you get to the three beaches of El Cochino. Sunny with beach bars and calm water, they are never as busy as the big beach next door


San Agustín

San Agustín beach in south GRan Canaria

San Agustín is another south Gran Canaria resort beach that minds its own business and just gets on with being sunny and sandy. It's big enough to take the few tourists that walk down from the resort and has fun waves to play in


Playa Pirata

Playa Pirata between San Agustin and Bahia Feliz

Playa Pirata forms where a sand dune hits the sea between San Agustín and Bahia Feliz. It's a slog to walk down to, but you often get it to yourself


La Lajilla

La Lajilla beach and pool in Arguineguin

Teeny-tiny La Lajilla beach is at the far west end of Arguineguín town. It's just a patch of sand, but the natural swimming pool makes it a great place for the kids