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Gran Canaria Shopping: Buying Perfume In Gran Canaria FAQ

Guide to buying perfume in Gran Canaria Guide to buying perfume in Gran Canaria

A lot of people who come to Gran Canaria stock up on perfume because the island has the lowest prices in Europe thanks to its excellent shops and low taxes. 

Why is perfume in Gran Canaria such good value?

VAT in the Canary Islands is known as IGIC and it's just 7%. This compares to 20% in the UK, 21% everywhere else in Spain, and 25% in Norway. This means that lots of things, and especially luxury items like perfume, cosmetics and jewellery, are significantly cheaper in Gran Canaria than anywhere else. 

What about duty-free? Is it best to buy perfume in the airport?

Prices in quality Gran Canaria shops can be as much as 40% lower than prices in airport duty-free shops both in Gran Canaria and in European airports. You are almost guaranteed to get a better deal in Gran Canaria's quality perfume shops than you ever will at the airport. In fact, it's hard to think of anything that is still better valued at airport shops than it is in Gran Canaria's shops. 

Where to buy perfume in Gran Canaria?

Head to your nearest Fundgrube shop for a huge range of perfumes at excellent prices. Shop around by all means but you are unlikely to find a better deal or a better range. 

How much perfume can I take home with me from Gran Canaria?

There is no specific limit on taking perfume back home after a holiday in Gran Canaria (here are the limits for other good like tobacco and alcohol). If you are buying a few bottles to take home as gifts, check your home country's customs rules.

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